Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator CEO of 3 Florida Managed Care Companies Board Certified Family Physician with 40 years of Healthcare Experience

Dr. Natkow started with a simple idea: drawing on forty years in medicine and healthcare, he could help people resolve their differences confidentially, quickly and with finality. His progression to a mediation practice focused on healthcare, builds upon a career dedicated to creating solutions for people. Neil Natkow,DO has significant accomplishments built around all facets of healthcare; medical practice, education and management of healthcare companies at the highest levels

MedMediators is a mediation practice focused chiefly on helping people settle disputes that arise from healthcare related matters. Inspired by the notion that domain expertise speeds final resolution for parties who have reached an impasse, Neil Natkow founded MedMediators.

Beyond Dr. Natkow’s extensive knowledge of the field, his approach to mediation is to develop simple and direct solutions that allow the affected parties to move beyond peripheral issues surrounding a dispute and attack the underlying cause. This results-driven formula is derived from years of practical experience and expert knowledge through a deep understanding of the issues combined with intelligent solutions.